Join the beta of our new Luxury Brand Program for PMU Trainers & Educators

The Luxury Brand Foundation 2.0 Beta Program

We’re looking for 10 SERIOUS PMU Trainers & Educators who want to level up through Luxury Branding!

  • Trouble with making your dream Luxury Brand come true?
  • Don’t know where to start with creative direction?
  • Want to maintain “cohesiveness” in all of your branding and designs?
  • Need support with on-going graphics?
  • Want to show up as a better PMU Master & Trainer?

This Program is for you!

So what’s inside?


*tentative overview starting february 8, 2022



  • Guided video lessons
  • Worksheets 
  • 2 LIVE workshops
    • Finalize with clear creative direction
    • Send off to NAO DESIGN team for buildout



  • New brand guidelines (first 30 – 60 days)
  • Entire new logo suite (first 30 – 60 days)
  • New brand assets (first 30 – 60 days)
  • Landing Page (wireframe only. no development *restrictions apply)
  • Strategies in becoming a better PMU Master “THOUGHT LEADER” on social media through CAROUSEL POSTS!

*all based on YOUR cooperation and timely collaboration

Luxury Brand Identity

DIY logo and branding? Let’s level you up with a professional luxury Branding that matches the high level quality of service and trainings you offer. 

Graphic Design Support

Too busy to design your next training or promotional flyer? Send it to us. We’ll save you time AND make it cohesive with your branding.

Design a Landing Page

Want more sign-ups for your trainings? We will help you design a proper landing/sales page to attract your ideal students and improve sign-up rates.

Online Course Development

Don’t know where to begin with online trainings? We will provide you all the steps needed to get it launched. Planning, strategies, frameworks etc. 

Show up as an expert on Social Media

Want to learn how to show up as a “thought leader” and expert on social media? We’ll teach you content frameworks that will level up your content game. Our favorite method? CAROUSEL POSTS!

Workshops and Guest Speakers

Want to learn how to LEVEL up your Branding? Get access to intimate workshops and join Guest Speakers about relevant topics that will assist in growing your PMU business.

This is not for you if:

  • Only “need” a logo…
  • Just starting out in PMU
  • Have not trained
  • Not planning to become trainer or educator in the future
  • Will not listen to professional direction…
  • Not willing to get along with others…
  • Can’t follow directions and won’t collaborate…
  • Not willing to make an investment…
  • Expecting US to do ALL the work…
  • Don’t understand the power of LUXURY branding…

Let’s talk if you are:

  • Currently training (in-studio or online)
  • Booked out but want to level up student experiences 
  • Want to increase training prices
  • Looking to focus on ONLY trainings and education in the future
  • If you’re quick to implement…
  • Fast to decide…
  • Ready to invest in themselves…
  • Knows what they want…
  • Can work in group environments…
  • Are friendly…
  • Ready to be lead by experts and professionals…

it’s time to level up…

Beta Group Discount

Save up to $3000

Limit to 5-10 seats.

The LOWEST we will ever offer.